¿Cuáles son las cinco cosas que debe hacer cuando se ve involucrado en un accidente?


What are the five things you must do whenever you're involved in an accident? Get our free guide book to keep in your glove box! Link in bio #fyp

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What are the five things you must do whenever you're involved in an accident? Hi, guys, it's Eric blank here, your Las Vegas personal injury attorney for the last 22 years, the five things you must do whenever you're involved in an accident are as follows. Number one, always stop, you need to stay there call the police also exchange information with the other driver or drivers with whom you involved in the accident. Number two, is to make sure that you don't say too much there, you've just been in an accident, you're disoriented, you're not sure what's going on. Make sure you don't say too much potentially admit fault, we're not sure it went on there. Number three, is to make sure you gather as much evidence as possible. You have a very valuable thing with you called your cell phone, use it take pictures of your car of the other car of the other person or persons involved in the accident. Also take pictures of the other person's license, their registration, their insurance hack, if they're admitting fault at the time, take a video then doing the same. I just had a client last week who said oh, they admitted fault at the scene the other person. And when we open a claim with the insurance company, sure enough, they say oh no, our driver says something different happened. Well, this person luckily had a video they took the scene and we submitted it and then we got the claim open, we're able to pursue the compensation for our client. Number four, make sure you get medical treatment, you've just been in a crash, your body has been shaken up, you're not sure really what's going on. You want to make sure that you don't have any internal bleeding. Any potential broken bones that you're not aware of, or their pain such as ligament injuries, they're sprains and strains may show themselves later on but you need to make sure you get medical treatment to rule out anything that is life threatening. Fifth, is don't do this alone. You need a professional to help you here had numerous clients try it on their own think oh, the Oh, the insurance company, the adjuster seems nice, only to find out that that adjuster only has one interest in mind. And that's the insurance companies. You need someone like our office who can help you out to direct you to that you know what you're entitled to regarding property damage, loss of value in your vehicle, the compensation for injuries, for Miss time at work, anything like that you need a professional on your side. And that's what our office can help you with here. Now all these factors here these five things you must do in an accident. We've put together a document here, which we click the link below, you will take you to a place where you can download this document have it with you as an easy referral if you've ever been get involved in an accident. If you have any questions always feel free to drop me a line or give me a call. I'm happy to walk through these five things with you the five factors what you should always consider in an accident. And again, this is Eric blank is Las Vegas injury attorney. Thank you.

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